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Synthetic Putting Greens

Our product range caters for all your golfing requirements. If you have any questions, simply consult the FAQ page or call the office. Free samples can be posted to you by completing the enquiry form on our contact page. You can soon be enjoying your very own synthetic putting green.

Sand Filled

This material can be installed on aggregate or concrete. The material used for these greens is called polypropylene, which is another word for plastic. The fibres do not have memory built into them and can not stand up by themselves. To get these fibres to stand upright you have to add between 7-12 pounds of fine silica sand to keep them in position. As you can appreciate, this amount of sand will blow, wash or shift and sand filled greens do require some maintenance.

The following maintenance will be needed for deep sand filled polypropylene greens:

You will need to broom the green vigorously 2 –3 times a month to stop the infill sand from clogging up and causing the green to turn hard and bouncy. If you live in a rainy, dry or windy area you will need to re-sand your green with an eighth of an inch of sand, 3-4 times a year. This material needs a ‘wear in’ period as the fibres have been lying down and will, after installation, still have some ‘grain’ to it. You will need to roll your green with a heavy roller, often, to keep the fibres from 'standing up and forming grain'.

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Nylon turf can be installed on both aggregate base and concrete base. Nylon putting surface has a memory burnt into it and therefore the fibres stand up by themselves. Since these fibres stand independently you only need to add a small amount of our exclusive ceramic top dressing. You only add the ceramic if you feel the need to speed your green up or if you are going to hit longer chips into your green. Our exclusive nylon will, in most cases, not need any infill as our roll out speed is 8 - 14 on the stimp meter.

Why is the speed on your green important? Top teachers in the world, say you should practice on a facility that is slightly faster than the course you play regularly. This helps you to purify your putting stroke and helps you make more putts. Our Nylon rolls at 8 – 14 on the stimp meter on the roll out which means when you open the roll of turf and have not done anything to it you will have a 8 -14 on the stimp meter. Most natural golf course greens average around 8 – 14 on the stimp meter. Our putting surfaces are designed to match those averages.

At UK Putting Greens we supply Nylon putting surfaces with different speeds and colour. Our GF Pro Lawngreen Nylon has a deep lush feel and natural look and has a roll out speed of between 8 – 9. This roll out speed is indicative of most UK greens, but if you feel you need to speed the green up you can add a small amount of our ceramic top dressing.

Our GF Pro Fieldgreen Nylon has a slightly lighter appearance in colour but the playing characteristics are exactly the same as our GF Pro Lawngreen.

Our Supreme Range of Nylon has a roll out speed of 14, which is conducive to putting greens found in Spain, Portugal and the US.


Our fringe comes in different lengths and density, the longer 40mm fringe gives the impression of playing out of the rough as the ball sits deeper in the pile whereas with the shorter pile the ball sits on top of the fringe.

Cups and Flags

We use regulation R&A 4” cups with finger lift flags and ball lifter.

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