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Since 2008 UK Putting Greens have supplied synthetic golf surfaces in the UK and Europe. The brand has developed a first class reputation for premium putting greens, fringe grass, tee line turf and modular greens. As market leaders in artificial putting green installations, many European golf professionals and amateurs alike have commented on the superior quality of our products. UK Putting Greens are a supplier of both residential and commercial golf surfaces.

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residential putting greens
Residential Putting Greens

Infill or non-infill greens are available for all UK and European golf green installations. Choose an infill artificial turf for long range shots with a target green. Non-infill greens offer a superior putting surface which reacts just like natural grass. The non-infilled surfaces are also suitable as a chipping green. Enjoy a first class golf experience in your back garden with a residential putting green by UK Putting Greens.

golf bunkers
Golf Bunkers

No residential chipping green is complete without an authentic sand bunker. Practise getting out of the sand trap and reduce your average score with this excellent feature by UK Putting Greens. Bunkers look great in the garden as aesthetically pleasing features alongside your artificial putting green. Entertain guests or add splendour to your garden party with the very best products in home golfing.

tee line turf
Tee Line Turf

If you choose to buy a target green for your garden then don't forget the tee line turf! This long fibrillated artificial turf supports the weight of a golf ball without being compressed. You can therefore swing your club underneath the golf ball as it lies on top of the artificial grass. This is an essential quality of synthetic tee line turf as you cannot strike a divot.

golf green installation
Golf Green Installation

A professional installation service is provided so you can enjoy the very best experience from your synthetic golf green. The adjacent image depicts an aggregate base being prepared. The base must be solid, compact and level in order to achieve a suitable foundation for the artificial turf.

modular greens
Modular Greens

Modular greens use the same modular panel technology as a modular base. Unlike a regular golf green installation, a modular green can be setup on any surface and be transported or packed away when not in use. The most appealing aspect to a modular putting green is that you can easily set it up inside the house; especially useful on rainy days. Then put it away in the cupboard when you are finished!

golf shows
Golf Shows

UK Putting Greens frequently exhibit at golf shows across the United Kingdom and Europe. Look out for UK Putting Greens at the next major golf show in your area! Attending a golf show is a great way to see the latest golf products and synthetic surface technology. You can also experience the artificial putting greens first hand.

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