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Putting Tips

Is your short game letting you down?

synthetic turf Putting makes up 43% of your game and can make the difference between a great round or a round you would rather forget, its OK getting to the green in two then your nemesis strikes and you finish with a five or worse, probably one of the most frustrating parts of the game. Below are a few pointers that may help you.

Addressing the ball

The putting stroke is in essence a shorter version of a full golf swing; the address is just as important as the tee shot and is vital in achieving the consistency that is needed for a smooth confident putting stroke.

It is essential that your eyes are over the ball this will ensure that you have no need to turn your shoulders.

The ball should ideally be opposite your left heel, which means you will strike the ball on the up, your hands must be over the ball and the putter face must be square.

Swinging the putter

The takeaway is a one-piece action as in the full swing, your arms shoulders and putter should all move together. Your left shoulder should be down slightly; this will promote the correct pendulum action of the upper body.

Smoothly accelerate the putter through the ball if the ball is in the correct position (on your left heel) the pendulum action this creates means you will strike the ball on the up. The follow through should be as long as the backswing, making sure you keep your left wrist locked. To achieve a smooth consistent putting stroke, one of the best and cheapest practice drills is to place two clubs on the floor just slightly wider than the putter head. Place a ball between the two clubs and practice your stroke between the two clubs taking care not to touch the clubs. This will in time create a smooth pendulum type stroke giving you greater consistency and confidence with your putting.

Nowhere to practice? Why not install a "UK Putting Green" in your garden and get rid of those unwanted 3 putts. With your very own practice facility not only will you be the envy of all the members at your local club, you can practice 365 days a year. With a UK putting green your garden will look stunning, it will also dramatically improve your chipping and putting, we all know the short game is where shots are lost. Imagine the amount of fun that you can have entertaining friends and family during those summer months whilst having those BBQ, s. Let UK PUTTING GREENS design and install your very own private practice facility.

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