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Installation Details

Selecting the location of your practice facility is crucial to maximise the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your garden.
Roll Out
Roll out the surface and cut to the required shape e.g. kidney, double kidney, circle etc.
Once the surface is shaped, spray paint around the putting green leaving a gap of between 12” and 18”, this is the area to be excavated.
Carefully roll up the putting green and begin the excavation to a depth of not more than 3”.
Weed Membrane
Place a weed barrier over the excavated area to prevent weeds and grass from growing.
Fill in the excavated area with “type 1” aggregate and compact the area thoroughly, there shouldn’t be any movement in the base. Then apply the top layer of “grano dust” to give the area a smooth finish.
Finish Base
The base should have a smooth appearance; you should not be able to see any dips or troughs.
Check Surface
Roll the surface back into position and roll a ball in every possible direction to ensure the surface is playing true. The slightest imperfection will cause the ball to skip or bobble.
Insert Cups
Inserting the cups is done after the base is complete.
This stage of the installation is seaming and involves the joining together of the putting surface and fringe.
Synthetic Putting Green
And the end result is a stunning feature in your garden that is sure to make you the envy of all your friends.

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